We excel the most when we are able to provide our client’s with a holistic service(s). We do this by combining our skills and creativity in media, web, and design to help our clients realize their entrepreneurial goals.

A few examples of our web projects

We have worked with

  • Medtonic
  • JCJ Distribtuion, LLC.
  • Tree Tribe
  • Royal Montego Trading, LLC.
  • Record & Capture
  • Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation
  • Mandarin HS
  • Black Expo
  • Ten Thousand CellPhones
  • TraumaOne
  • Bunker Labs
  • JAXCoE
  • Planet Ballroom
  • The Landings at Belle Rive
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

Web Services

Unlike website factories that sell common templates, we provide our clients with websites that are designed around their business and content. We provide custom web solutions.

  • Social media and marketing integration
  • Media and Technology consulting
  • Marketing page and or Splash page
  • PCI Compliance (e-commerce)
  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage
  • Secure Smart Forms
    • Accept payments
    • Contracts / Agreements w/ digital signatures
    • Applications
    • Registrations
    • Online order
    • Reservations
  • Web Portal – for clients and or staff to access info securely through any device w/o the need for apps
  • Full website back-ups

We are a Google Cloud Partner(GCP). As a GCP, we are able to provide you with the resources you need to do your best work, in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

More details coming soon